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The Cory Band choose Rath Trombones

Posted by on 23 October 2018 | Comments

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The Cory Band choose Rath Trombones


We’re very pleased and proud to announce that number one ranked brass band in the world, The Cory Band are now playing Michael Rath Trombones.

The guys visited us several weeks ago and spent several hours in our showroom with Tim choosing their perfect set ups. Their set up choices, although different immediately made them feel comfortable giving them their individual voice but most importantly allowing them the flexibility to blend perfectly as a section.


Their new trombones made their first contest appearance was at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain where Chris Thomas won the award for Best Instrumentalist.

Chris Thomas (Solo Trombone) comments -

“Personally, mine is such a pleasure to play. I've given it an absolute hammering for a week now, looking for the dead spot that every instrument I've tried has, but I have to admit defeat.  It just sings throughout the range and the fitting process ensured that I have an instrument that is tailored not only for the sound I want, but also for who I am. It was an eye-opener and I cannot recommend the experience highly enough”.

Andrew Williams (Bass Trombone) comments –

 “I have to say how impressed I’ve been with the trombone. We had them on the Sunday, we had a concert. Thought we’d play them in rehearsal but revert to the existing for the concert. All three of us played them in the concert. It played so well out of the box. I am really enjoying getting to know it. It rings on so many notes and I have had so many compliments, they’re usually reserved for Chris. It does exactly what I expected after playing with the parts in your showroom and it’s the best slide I have ever played. As you would’ve guessed I’m not a soloist, hate the thought of it but love section playing. We have had some great comments in respect of the section sound, many of which are from past players in the band who don’t throw superlatives lightly. Thanks again to you and all the team”.


The signing of The Cory Band is a very welcome addition to the Rath Trombone family. We have a great relationship with the Black Dyke Band and this latest addition will only strengthen the Rath name in the banding world.


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