London Philharmonic's David Whitehouse Joins the Rath Team

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Dave Whitehouse 487 324

Rath Trombones are pleased to welcome David Whitehouse to our Team of Artists

David Whitehouse studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and was a member of the Philharmonia Orchestra from 2002-2008 before joining the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008.

David plays an R4ST with a Hagman Valve and Often uses the Straight Tenor trombone option.

"I absolutely love the R4.  The response is the best I have experienced on any trombone.  If I need volume from it, it delivers without needing to be forced.  With my previous trombone, I'd get to the end of some pieces and would feel the detrimental effects of this forcing even the next day.  Every aspect of trombone design that many have taken for granted for years has been thought about.  If it works, Mick has kept it.  If it can be improved, he's improved it.  Even the humble water key has been re-positioned to drain at a better angle.  Mick's method for joining bell and slide sections keeps the instrument exactly how you put it together.  The materials and workmanship are both first class."

David Whitehouse



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