Michael Rath slides are available in a choice of three different materials for the outer slide; yellow brass, bronze and nickel silver.

Drawing slide legs Drawn slide legs R9 slide legs Click to enlarge
Nickel silver slides allow a more articulate, brighter sound than yellow brass or bronze and can also feel more open on some setups. Bronze slides typically sound darker and feel more centred. They can be an excellent choice for the R4 and R9 models for players searching for a dark, symphonic sound. Yellow brass slides sit in between nickel silver and bronze in terms of their tonal charactistics and feel.

Our slides feature dual radius nickel slide bows and feature interchangeable leadpipes and also a locking system unique to our instruments.

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The advantange of this system over a regular screw fitting is that the end of the slide meets up directly with the gooseneck, without any "step" that would be necessary to allow for a screw fitting.

In addition to the dual bore slide that is a standard feature of the R1, dual bore slides are also available for the R3 (0.525"/0.547") and the R9 (0.562"/0.578") models.

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