Contrabass Trombone

Our R90 Contrabass trombone was introduced in 2005, with the aim of designing a contrabass trombone that was a natural extension of a bass trombone and consequently to be very user friendly.

R90 R90 R90 R90 R90
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In practice, bass trombonists have found adjusting to the contrabass trombone to be a relatively simple process, so that alternating between bass trombone and contrabass trombone when performing Wagner operas for example becomes much more manageable.

As with our bass trombones, different valve tuning combinations possible. Through tuning extensions supplied with each R90 contrabass trombone, regular combinations such as F/C/D and F/Eb/Bb are available, amongst others.

Model Bore Bell flare Common combinations/Notes
R90 0.578" 10 1/2" Red brass bell with yellow brass or bronze slide; heavy valve caps.

R90 contrabass trombone from £7565

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