Tuning Slides

Michael Rath tuning slides are available in four different materials - yellow, gold and red brass, and nickel silver. They all have a dual radius design which is better suited to our trombones.

Yellow brass and nickel silver tuning slides allow for clearer articulations than gold or red brass and can feel slightly more open. Gold and red brass tuning slides, on the other hand, are generally a better compliment to yellow brass bell flares.

Bb tenor trombones have a balance weight fitted as standard, whilst the tuning slides of Bb/F tenor trombones and bass trombones are usually supplied without counterweights. However all tuning slides can be ordered with fixed balance weights.

tuning slide group

Michael Rath weights are fitted with nuts with a screw thread allowing a player to adjust to a preferred balance. Alternatively a detachable weight system is also available.

Many existing players have found that adding weight improves the focus, centre and projection.