Michael Rath slides are available in three different materials for the outer slide - yellow brass, bronze and nickel silver.

A nickel silver slide allows a more articulate, brighter sound than yellow brass or bronze and it can also feel more open on some component combinations. A bronze slide typically sounds darker and feels more centred. Bronze can be an excellent choice, for the R4 or R9 models, for a player searching for a dark, symphonic sound. Yellow brass slides sit in between nickel silver and bronze in terms of their tonal characteristics and feel.

Michael Rath slides feature dual radius nickel slide bows and an interchangeable leadpipe system. The connection, slide to bell section, has a locking system unique to our instruments.

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slide lock

The advantage of this system over a regular screw fitting is that the slide matches directly to the gooseneck, without any step in the bore.

In addition to the dual bore slide, standard on the R1, a dual bore slide is also available for the R3 (0.525"/0.547") and R9 (0.562"/0.578") models.