Michael Rath heavy valve caps are designed for use with Rath Custom Series trombones fitted with Hagmann valves.

Replacing the regular weight valve caps, our heavy caps add stability, core and particularly projection to the entire range of the instrument, without sacrificing flexibility.

Importantly, testing has shown that our heavy weight valve caps give equally good performance with any trombone using a Hagmann valve, in some cases dramatically improving the playing characteristics.

The Michael Rath heavy valve caps do not require any prior adjustment to the valve or instrument.

Heavy Valve caps for Hagmann valves made after November 2016

Hagmann changed the design of the valve casing towards the end of 2016, which means the old style heavy valve cap will not fit the new style casing.

Please take a look at the photo below before ordering Heavy valve caps for your trombone.

It is fairly easy to determine which you need!

Heavy valve Valve Cap Difference



Heavy Valve caps 440 441

To order please contact us or your nearest distributor.

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